eckhardt günther

a bunch of preludes & fugues and other chambermusic

2010 2cd usa vaulternative records vr 2002-1


allan ware: clarinet
rené fauck: alto sax, bassoon
hansdieter meier: e-violin, violin
beate zilias: cello
monika meier-hischer: violin
volker winck: alto sax
andreas wilczek: e-bass
alexander friebl: drums
gaswan zerikly: piano
josé maria garcia: percussion
joachim luhrmann: percussion
eckhard stahl: cello
bill coffindaffer: french horn
georgi gürov: flute
armin würz: oboe
reinhard poldnir: cello
ute gottschling: violin
ismail türker: saz
gunhilt gehl: viola
eckhardt günther: guitar, voice, e-bass, lyrics

all compositions by eckhardt günther

cd 1

  1. prelude
  2. fugue with riffs and chorus on G for e-violin, altosax, guitar and drums
  3. bubbling bumblebees
  4. yearning and searching
  5. today breakdowns again
  6. happy hips
  7. prelude
  8. fugue with riffs and chorus on Bb for violin, clarinet, altosax, e-bass
  9. song no. 1 for piano and percussion
  10. dance of the bodyguards
  11. key largo
  12. stagger three
  13. prelude
  14. fugue on e for stringquartett
  15. movement I unbearable slow
  16. movement II scherzo
  17. song no. 3 for piano
  18. fugue with riffs and chorus on D for e-violin, altosax, guitar, e-bass and drums

cd 2

  1. prelude
  2. fugue with riffs and chorus on Eb for altosax and stringquartet
  3. song no. 2 for piano ad percussion
  4. frank zappa
  5. john lennon
  6. kurt cobain
  7. bob marley
  8. jimi hendrix
  9. prelude
  10. fugue on Ab for e-violin, altosax, guitar, e-bass, drums
  11. a day in 1983 for voice and stringquartett
  12. prelude
  13. fugue with riffs and chorus on C for violin, clarinet, altosax and e-bass
  14. smalltalk
  15. blue hour
  16. prelude with spoem
  17. fugue with riffs and chorus on F# for e-violin, altosax, e-bass, guitar, percussion and drums
  18. ringtone dance fugue for midimarimba plus drums