david gogo

bare bones
- incl. 'crazy little thing' (don van vliet)

2002 cd canada cordova bay rpr-0112

re-issue of the 2000 album, with a slightly different title

david gogo: national steel guitar, vocals
john forrest: acoustic bass
gerry barnum: harmonica  2
keith bennett: harmonica  1

produced by colin naime

  1. halfway to memphis  (david gogo)
  2. fine young thing  (david gogo)
  3. aberdeen mississippi blues  (bukka white)
  4. western coast  (david gogo)
  5. all over town  (david gogo)
  6. shooting star  (bob dylan)
  7. dallas  (johnny winter)
  8. san diego serenade  (tom waits)
  9. crazy little thing  (don van vliet)
  10. in my time of dying  (trad.)