tom fowler

heartscapes  (1)
   - feat. lots of zappa alumni

1992 cd usa fossil records  fbr 1004 2

1992 studio recording

tom fowler: bass, violin
walt fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards
bruce fowler: trombone
phil teele: bass trombone
albert wing: tenor sax
steve fowler: flute, alto sax
mike o'neill: guitar
mike miller: guitar
alex wurman: synthesizer
ray brinker: drums
vinnie colaiuta: drums
ralph humphrey: drums
gary novak: drums
chester thompson: drums, percussion
ricky cosentino: percussion, vocals
lynn fiddmont: vocals
aimee chalfant: vocals
amy keys: backing vocals
margie balter: backing vocals
jaime troy: backing vocals
bob fernandez: backing vocals
joy fowler: backing vocals
cathy wyatt: backing vocals
alec milstein: backing vocals

produced by tom fowler

  1. coffee shop   (t.fowler)

  2. merely to love you   (t.fowler)

  3. arigato daijobu   (t.fowler)

  4. jimmy   (t.fowler)

  5. she looks like a girl   (t.fowler)

  6. angel face   (t.fowler, r.cosentino)

  7. burn you with cold   (t.fowler)

  8. languished on the line   (t.fowler)