mr. libido

sensually primitive
    = mattias ia eklundh

1996 cd denmark thunderstruck productions tscd 941961


mr. libido (mattias 'ia' eklundh): vocals, all instruments

produced by mr. libido

all songs written by mr. libido (mattias 'ia' eklundh)

  1. the serious musician
  2. how are we feeling today?
  3. big ugly secret
  4. daddy's box of no-no's
  5. your left arm
  6. train leaves at 04:00
  7. techno moron
  8. not that kind of bird
  9. herbert the pervert
  10. dead on arrival
  11. sit on my face
  12. i thought is was a horse
  13. hard to the core
  14. sensually primitive
  15. bite of king