freak accident

tha more, con-fusing tha better

1999 cd bel private release



  marco cirone: vocals, guitars, kazoo, percussion, accordeon
  wouter haest: vocals, keyboards, piano, saxes, clarinet, kazoo
  j-stork: bass, double bass
  david la mela: drums, percussion, grunt vocals, whispering
  tom bielen: trumpet
  alex loiacono: bass trombone
  liesje roggen: flute  13
  joris peeters: backing vocals, percussion

the cast

  kris geelen: mr. nite
  marco cirone: commercial commentator & the moutheye
  wouter haest: satanic cooking conductor
  joris peeters: angel / bum
  wouter, tom, marco, david & joris: satanic choir

produced by freak accident and joris peeters

music and lyrics by marco cirone

  1. walking of the moutheye
  2. here he enters again
  3. radio commercial
  4. satanic cook course
  5. excape from the doctrine of nutcases
  6. meeting with the angel / bum
  7. smile pumpkin pie
  8. disbelieve
  9. have a little fun(k)
  10. spotted by the chef
  11. caught by the satanic pupils
  12. the garantaki
  13. to escape from myself
  14. frog in another band
  15. tha more con-fusing tha better