fraternity of man

fraternity of man (1)
    - feat.elliott ingber; incl. 'oh no i don't believe it'  (frank zappa)

1969 lp usa abc records abc s 647
1995 cd uk edsel edcd 437

elliot ingber
warren klein
martin kibbee
richard hayward
lawrence "stash" wagner

produced by tom wilson

  1. in the morning
  2. plastic rat
  3. don't bogart me
  4. stop me citate me
  5. bikini baby
  6. oh no i don't believe it  (frank zappa)
  7. wispy paisley skies
  8. field day
  9. just doin' our job
  10. blue guitar
  11. last call for alcohol
  12. candy striped lion's tails