frank zappa memorial barbeque

Frank Zappa Memorial Barbeque was a Frank Zappa tribute band put together by Mats & Morgan, the two guys that played on stage with Frank in Stockholm 1988 and also took part in Zappa's Universe in 1991.

The group existed for a few shows between 1994 - 1996.

Mats Öberg - Keyboards & Vocals
Morgan Ågren - Drums
Derek Huntsman - Vocals
Eric Bibb - Vocals
Micke Rönnquist - Guitar 
Roger Bergström - Percussion
Johan Granström - Bass
Magnus Andersson - Keyboards & Vocals 

1994/07/08, the band performed at the "Skeppsholmen Jazz & Blues Festival". They played a shorter set than what they used to play in clubs at the time. Parts of this show was broadcasted on swedish radio but and audience recording of this concert exists as well.




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