fowler brothers

breakfast for dinosaurs  (2)
   - feat.albert wing, chester thompson, vinnie colaiuta, ike willis

1988 lp usa fossil fbr 002
1988 cd usa fossil fbr 1002

1988 studio recording

  walt fowler: trumpet, flugelhorn, keyboards
  bruce fowler: trombone
  steve fowler: alto sax, flute
  albert wing: tenor sax
  mike o'neill: guitar
  tom fowler: bass
  phil teele: bass trombone
  mike miller: guitar
  ed fowler: keyboards, bass
  chester thompson: drums
  vinnie colaiuta: drums
  alex acuna: drums, percussion
  luis conte: percussion
lynn fiddmont: vocals
  ike willis: vocals
  mona lisa young: backing vocals
  alec milstein: backing vocals

produced by walt fowler and dennis moody 

side 1

  1. call waiting   (a.wing)

  2. languished on the line   (t.fowler)

  3. queue   (e.fowler)

  4. breakfast for dinosaurs   (b.fowler)

side 2

  1. mr. butterfly   (t.fowler)

  2. she's not symmetrical   (s.fowler)

  3. kaiparowitz high   (b.fowler)

  4. no more mr. nice girl   (a.wing)