flo & eddie

moving targets
    - feat.ian underwood

1976 lp uk cbs 81509
19?? cd usa sony music mrc 10040

in 2007, the album got released on cd on the acadia label, combined with "illegal, immoral and fattening", the 1975 album.

1976 studio recording

flo (mark volman): vocals, guitar
eddie (howard kaylan): lead vocals
phil reed: lead guitar
andy cahan: keyboard
erik scott: bass
craig krampf: drums
donnie dacus: slide guitar 3
jeff baxter: slide guitar 3
graeme strachan: chorus vocals 7
ian underwood: saxophone 10

produced by mark volman, howard kaylan, ron nevison and skip taylor 

  1. mama, open up   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  2. the love you gave away   (m.volman, h.kaylan) 

  3. hot   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  4. best friends   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  5. best possible me   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  6. keep it warm   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  7. guns   (m.volman, h.kaylan, j.pons)

  8. eleonore   (m.volman, h.kaylan, a.nichol, j.tucker, j.pons, j.barbata)

  9. sway when you walk   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  10. moving targets   (m.volman, h.kaylan)