(1975, lp, usa, columbia 33554)

(1992, cd, uk, one way records a22673)

flo & eddie

illegal, immoral and fattening  (3)
    - feat.underwood, dunbar, incl.'eddie are you kiddin' (f.zappa)

1975 lp ?? cbs 80983
1975 lp ?? columbia 33554
1992 cd ?? one way records a22673

in 2007, the album got released on cd on the acadia label, combined with "moving targets", the 1976 album.

flo (mark volman): vocals, guitar
eddie (howard kaylan): lead vocals
erik scott: bass
andy cahan: keyboards
craig krampf: drums
phil reed: lead guitar
danny kootch: guitar (from the fugs!)  9
leland sklar: bass  9
ian underwood: keyboards  9
aynsley dunbar: drums  9

produced by joe wissert

  1. illegal, immoral and fattening   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  2. rebecca   (l.hazelwood, hammond)

  3. a. kama sutra time   (m.volman, h.kaylan, j.pons)
    b. bang a gong   (m.bolan)

  4. a. the sanzini brothers return
    b. the tibetan memory trick    (m.volman, h.kaylan, i.underwood)

  5. livin' in the jungle   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  6. cheap   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  7. a. the kung fu killer   (m.volman, h.kaylan)
    b. eddie, are you kidding ?   (m.volman, h.kaylan, f.zappa, j.seiter)
    c. the pop star massage unit    (m.volman, h.kaylan)
    d. jumpin' jack flash    (m.jagger, k.richard)
    e. my sweet lord  (g.harrison)

  8. let me make love to you   (m.volman, h.kaylan)

  9. there's no business like show business   (i.berlin)



 random notes

     from: paula jacquard (pjla@worldnet.att.net)
for your information: this album was originally recorded by the legendary alex kazanegras at the roxy theater.  they took the tapes and overdubbed horns so he didn't want anything to do with having credit on this album. he was the co-owner of haji recording studios at crossroads of the world.