fido plays zappa - live @ sudhaus basel
    - all compositions by frank zappa

2007 cdr switzerland private release

"limited arty-farty-red-sofa-edition of 100 pieces"

recorded live 16.9.2006 at sudhaus warteck, basel by dave muscheid & soundpool

dave muscheidt: lead vocals
stef strittmatter: guitar, vocals
oli friedli: keys
martin medimorec: vibrafon, marimba, percussion
pascal grünenfelder: bass, vocals, arrangements
remy sträuli: drums, vocals
dave blaser: trumpet
alex hilbe: alto-/baritonesax
ueli pletscher: tenorsax
christof huber: trombone

all compositions by frank zappa

  1. more trouble everyday

  2. what's new in baltimore

  3. filthy habits

  4. camarillo brillo

  5. muffin man

  6. take your clothes off when you dance

  7. what's the ugliest part of your body

  8. eat that question

  9. uncle meat

  10. flower punk

  11. andy

  12. inca roads

  13. mr green genes

  14. cosmic debris

  15. zomby woof

  16. zoot allures

  17. once upon a time

  18. sofa #2

  19. musician's salary