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- all compositions by frank zappa

1997 cd nl hka producties 004

this recording was part of the "frank zappa project", with different ensembles performing the music of frank zappa

[1]  recording: 1996/11/29 - 'hka concerthall', arnhem, the netherlands
  christian thomè: drums
  toby lessnow: drums
  sam brown: vocals
  andreas wahl: guitar
  robert dietermann: guitar

[2]  recording: 1996/10/27 - concert 'cultureel centrum 042', nijmegen, the netherlands
cheap thrills
  danny schröteler: drums
  sascha kühn: piano / keyboards
  dion nijland: bass guitar
  thorsten praest: guitar
  sam brown: vocals
  inga lühning: vocals
  teo mirkovic: vocals, violin
  frank lauber: alto sax
  florian beckmann: trumpet
  karle bardowicks: tenor sax

[3]  recording: 1996/11/29 - 'hka concerthall', arnhem, the netherlands
jan luley trio
  jan luley: piano
  bob wisselink: double bass
  ulli janowitz: drums

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. lucille  [1]

  2. uncle meat  [1]

  3. cosmik debris  [1]

  4. g-spot tornado  [2]
    cruising for burgers  [2]
    stolen moments  (oliver nelson)  [2]

  5.  24 cigarettes  [3]