ez pour spout

don't shave the feeling
    - incl. 'my guitar...'  (frank zappa)

2001 cd usa love slave records lvslv 104


curtis hasselbring: trombone, guitar
briggan krauss: alto sax
jamie saft: keyboard, lap steel guitar
j.a. granelli: bass
john mettam: drums
vanessa hodge: trumpet solo  1

produced by j.a. granelli, jamie saft and chris kelly

  1. a-team  (mike post)
  2. back in black  (a.young, m.young, b.johnson, j.albert & son)
  3. heart shaped box  (k.cobain)
  4. kashmir  (j.bonham, j.page, r.plant)
  5. don't make me over  (b.bacharach)
  6. can't take my eyes off you  (b.crewe, b.gaudio)
  7. walk on by
  8. politician  (b.bacharach, h.david)
  9. tomorrow  (j.bruce, p.brown)
  10. my guitar...  (frank zappa)