evil superstars


1998 cd uk paradox records pdox018cd / 540 820-2

    (1998, cd-promo, uk, paradox records boogie 1)
    (2006, cd, europe, mercury 540 820-2)

mauro pawlowski: guitar, vocals
tim vanhamel: guitar
marc requillé: keyboards and samples
bart vandebroek: bass guitar
dave schroyen: drums

words and music by mauro pawlowski

  1. b.a.b.y.
  2. if you cry (i'll go to hell)
  3. have been wrong before
  4. i cna't seem to fuck things up
  5. gimme animal rights
  6. just a princess
  7. oh girl
  8. it's a sad sad planet
  9. holy spirit come home
  10. first comes farewell
  11. song off the record
  12. my little dead one
  13. laserblack
  14. love happened