evil dick and the banned members

rock 'n' random

2002 cd uk polemic music pm09


evil dick (richard hemmings): synth, vocal, computer
gimp wilkinson: guitar, horror, lateness
skip undo: random beats, nice drum kit
mistress vwaargh: scissors


  1. biased to zero
  2. coloured dots II
  3. sensitive dick
  4. anchovies in the icecream (mega bass)
  5. is that boston again?
  6. the scissor position
  7. gastrointestinal emergencies
  8. whining gimp
  9. montage
  10. hair spider stuck to sock
  11. cherry picking
  12. radio
  13. no. k.
  14. sweaty retard
  15. binary sequence III
  16. fuckwits in the biz
  17. our instruments are broken
  18. unwiderstehlich
  19. march of the pomo toss-pots