evil dick

earthly delights

2018 cd uk private release

limited edition of 100 numbered copies

richard hemmings
dave jackson
craig ashenden
scott freer

produced by richard hemmings

  1. way in
  2. keep off the grass
  3. sybil the leek
  4. one duck down
  5. a whopping great hinkypunk
  6. mr hedgehog
  7. three fish in a tree
  8. a rude vegetable catches its reflection
  9. bernier worrell's prize courgette
  10. alpho does an oxley
  11. melancauliflowers
  12. miniature railway excitement
  13. resurrection of the fly lord
  14. sabbatic goat's cheese
  15. tiger-rats
  16. bird house construction fail
  17. a bad day for baphomet
  18. sweets at the till
  19. way out