eläkeläiset: humppamaratooni
    (1997, cd, finland, stupido twins twincd 38) – incl. ‘humppasusi ruotsissa' (='bobby brown') (frank zappa)
  eläkeläiset: humppa 'till we die 2000
    (1997, cd, ger, humppa records humppa 002) – incl. ‘humppasusi ruotsissa' (='bobby brown') (frank zappa) / reissue of "humppamaratooni" with a different album title and slightly altered artwork


elakelaiset: humppa-akatemia
    (2000, 2cd, finland, twincd 50) – incl. ‘humppasusi ruotsissa' (='bobby brown') (frank zappa)

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random notes

     from: dr. istván fekete  (ifekete@daten-kontor.hu)
cd released in germany by the finnish humppa band which contains -- i better include some quotes from the booklet -- "all the new and better arrangements and lyrics by eläkeläiset.
...and the band's message to their fans:
"eläkeläiset does not like this, but we thank a few people for supporting this crap worldwide, which means ken russel "i'm not kidding for hitler," john lovelle (ban jyang) "i hate them...but i humpp," jonathan coe (writer of "what i carve up!") "brilliant shit,"
...they are..just excellent, several ladies + a few more idiots all over the world think just the same."
all the tracks are cover versions of different songs from rocking all over the world through london calling and layla... some of them barely recognizable. track 18 is their crazy cover of bobby brown in finnish.

the others of invention



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