george duke

the aura will prevail
    - incl. ‘echidna's arf’,’uncle remus’ (frank zappa)

1975 lp usa mps mc 25613
1975 lp aus basf 0698
1975 lp aus mps 68025
1975 lp ger mps 68.025
1975 lp ger mps basf 2025613-8
  lp ra basf 20020
  lp   basf bap 5064



random notes

     from: bossk (r)(
george duke's extremely soulful solo version of "uncle remus" has a slightly different twist to the lyrics than the version on apostrophe ('). on apostrophe ('), the second verse goes:
we look pretty sharp in these clothes,
        unless we is sprayed with a hose:
        it ain't bad in the day,
        when they squirt it your way,
        except in the winter, when it's froze,
        and it's hard when it hits on your nose ...

    but duke's version changes it to:

        it ain't bad in the day,
        unless they squirt it your way ...

 some people think this is a totally harmless change, others that it ruins the song completely. what do you think?