cover of the 2000 release
cover of the 2011 re-release (brain records 011)

the don and bunk show

necessity is...
    – incl. ‘eric dolphey memorial barbecue’ (frank zappa), 'neon meat dream' (van vliet)

2000 cdr i brain records

    (2011, cdr, usa, brain records br-011) - re-released as "the don & bunk show"


don and bunk:
    don preston: keyboards, vocals
    bunk gardner: saxaphone, flue & bass clarinet
    john densmore: drums (on 'jazz tune' and 'stepplinging')
    putter smith: bass (on 'jazz tune' and 'stepplinging')

all compositions by don preston, except where noted

  1. immaculate deception
  2. amsterdam
  3. jazz tune
  4. eric dolphey memorial barbecue (frank zappa)
  5. new age mumbo jumbo
  6. stepplinging
  7. neon meat dream (van vliet)
  8. lamonts lament
  9. horta babies