the deviants

on your knees earthlings!!!

2001 cd usa total energy ner3031

mick farren
russel hunter
sid bishop
duncan sanderson
larry wallis
chrissie hynde
wilko johnson
jack lancaster
paul rudolph
andy colouhoun
wayne kramer

  1. people's suite
  2. you got to hold on
  3. trouble coming every day  (frank zappa)
  4. carnivorous circus (observe the ravens)
  5. it's alright, ma (i'm only bleeding)
  6. it's all in the picture
  7. god's worst nightmare
  8. last man
  9. deviation street
  10. jamie's song
  11. play with fire
  12. arts of darkness
  13. i'm coming home
  14. envy
  15. lost johnny
  16. see that my grave is kept clean
  17. when the world was young
  18. that's when the trouble started