the deviants

this cd is condemned

2000 cd usa total energy ner3027

mick farren
russel hunter
sid bishop
duncan sanderson
larry wallis
chrissie hynde
wilko johnson
jack lancaster
paul rudolph
andy colouhoun
wayne kramer

  1. somewhere to go

  2. mona (part 1)

  3. attack ships of zeta reticuli

  4. i wanna drink

  5. screwed up

  6. pappa-oo-mao-mao

  7. eating jello with a heated fork

  8. half price drinks

  9. billy the monster

  10. bela lugosi

  11. thunder on the mountain

  12. garbage

  13. fast eddie

  14. ramblin b(l)ack transit blues

  15. nothing man

  16. junior narco rangers

  17. three headed lobster boy

  18. slum lord

  19. let's loot the supermarket again (like we did last summer)