dethalbum II
- feat. bryan beller

2009 cd/dvd usa williams street

= limited edition deluxe version

    (2009, cd, usa, williams street)

gene hoglan: drums
brendon small: all guitars, all keyboards, all vocals, and all bass except "the gears"
bryan beller: bass on 'the gears'

produced by brendon small and ulrich wild

all songs written and composed by brendon small


  1. bloodlines

  2. the gears

  3. burn the earth

  4. laser cannon deth sentence

  5. black fire upon us

  6. dethsupport

  7. the cyborg slayers

  8. i tamper with the evidence at the murder site of odin

  9. murmaider ii: the water god

  10. comet song

  11. symmetry

  12. volcano


  1. deththeme

  2. briefcase full of guts

  3. birthday dethday

  4. awaken

  5. bloodrocuted

  6. duncan hills coffee jingle

  7. dethharmonic

  8. castratikron

  9. go forth and die

  10. hatredcopter

  11. murmaider

  12. thunderhorse

  13. go into the water

  14. fansong (hidden track)