daehn, bruhn & schmitz

in rock with napoleon murphy brock
    – feat. napoleon murphy brock, incl. zappa compositions

2010 dvdr-promo ger private release

recorded in concert

2010/11/13 concert 'bachsaal', st.michaels, hamburg, germany
2010/11/19 concert 'platzhirsch', st.pauli, hamburg, germany

napoleon murphy brock: tenor sax, flute, vocals
jürgen dähn: guitar, vocals
roman bruhn: bass, vocals
jörg schmitz: drums

  1. sharp dressed man
  2. fly like an eagle
  3. evil ways
  4. addicted to love
  5. uncle remus  (f.zappa)
  6. i'm the slime  (f.zappa)
  7. we love you
  8. i'm wandering
  9. moondance
  10. long train running
  11. black magic woman (with a little bug in the end)
  12. more trouble every day  (f.zappa)
  13. pojama people  (f.zappa)
  14. good night