le concert impromptu & bossini

prophetic attitude
- all compositions by frank zappa

1997 cd fr l’empreinte digitale ed 13071 hm cd 83

le concert impromptu wind quintet:
yves charpentier: flute
    anne chamussy: oboe
    jean-christophe murer: clarinet
    didier velty: horn
    christophe tessier: bassoon

supervision & wind quintet version: jean-michel bossini

  1. blessed relief (frank zappa)
  2. twenty small cigars (frank zappa)
  3. a pound for a brown (frank zappa)
  4. uncle meat (frank zappa)
  5. strictly genteel (frank zappa)
  6. wind quintet (frank zappa)
  7. cletus awreetus-awrightus (frank zappa)
  8. king kong (frank zappa)
  9. duke of prunes (frank zappa)
  10. peaches en regalia (frank zappa)
  11. the black page (frank zappa)
  12. number 6 (frank zappa)
  13. mr green genes (frank zappa)
  14. the idiot bastard son (frank zappa)
  15. sofa (frank zappa)
  16. outside now again (frank zappa)