cowboys from hell

big fish

2012 cd ger double moon dmchr71107


marco blochlinger: bass, fx
chrigel bosshard: drums, percussion
christoph irniger: tenor sax, bass clarinet, fx

produced by cowboys from hell

  1. horror show  (christoh irniger)

  2. hymn for the sailor  (christoh irniger)

  3. hymn for the traitor  (cowboys from hell)

  4. walk  (pantera)

  5. hilverblues  (chrigel bosshard)

  6. big fish  (christoh irniger)

  7. mary jane  (christoh irniger)

  8. www  (christoh irniger)

  9. hell wach  (christoh irniger)

  10. sandfrau  (chrigel bosshard)