2013 cd usa nevermore ncd2093

recorded on april 17, 2012 at water music studios, hoboken, nj
mastered by scott hull at masterdisk

copernicus: poetry, lead vocals, keyboards
pierce turner: musical director, hammond organ, piano, backing vocals
sari schorr: vocals
thomas hamlin: drums, percussion
matty fillou: tenor saxophone
marvin wright: bass guitar, electric guitar, piano
cesar aragundi: electric and acoustic guitar
poppa chubby: electric guitar
bob hoffnar: steel guitar
george rush: double bass, electric bass, tuba
rob thomas: violin
raimundo penaforte: violin, mandolin, classical guitar, accordion, percussion
juan castillo: charango, siku-flute, acoustic guitar
niyyirrah el: djembe drums, trumpet bells and stix
kevin lane: djembe drums, trumpet bells and stix
steven bernstein: slide trumpet
james frazee: recording and mixing engineer

all lyrics by copernicus. all music created spontaneously and instantly by the musicians

all vocals of copernicus created by joseph smalkowski

produced by joseph smalkowski

  1. quantum mechanics
  2. you are not your body
  3. you are the subatomic
  4. what is existence?
  5. you are the illusion that i perceive
  6. everlasting freedom!
  7. a hundred trillion years
  8. worthless!