victim of the sky

1986 lp usa ??

    (2012, cd, usa, nevermore ncd 2086)

originally recorded at rca studios, new york, n.y., 1985

copernicus: poetry, lead vocals
pierce turner: musical director, keyboards, vocals
larry kirwan: electric guitar, keyboards, vocals
thomas hamlin: drums
jeffrey richards: flute, keyboards, effects
chris katris: guitar
steve menasche: marimba, percussion
fred parcells: affected trombone
roseann horn: vocals
jimmy zhivago: guitar, piano
fionnghuala: vocals
andy leahy: violin, vocals
fred chalenor: bass guitar
paddy higgins: bodhran, floor toms
matty fillou: xaxophone
marvin wright: gutiar, piano, drum machine
j.c.rose: vocals
jim o'leary: vocals
andy heermans: bass

produced by joseph smalkowski

all lyrics by copernicus. all the vocals of copernicus created by copernicus

  1. lies!
  2. the wanderer
  3. victim of the sky
  4. white from black
  5. not him again!
  6. desperate
  7. in terms of money
  8. from bacteria
  9. the lament of joe apples
  10. victim reprise