nothing exists

1985 lp usa ??

    (2010, cd, usa, nevermore ncd 2085)

originally recorded at rca studios, new york, n.y., 1984

copernicus: poetry, lead vocals
pierce turner: musical director, keyboards, vocals
larry kirwan: electric guitar, keyboards, vocals
thomas hamlin: drums
chris katris: guitar
jeffrey lad: flute, keyboards, effects
peter collins: bass
steve menasche: marimba, percussion
fred parcells: affected trombone
paddy higgins: bodhran, floor toms
andy leahy: violin, vocals
fionnghuala: flute, vocals
jimmy zhivago: guitar, piano
fred chalenor: bass guitar

produced by joseph smalkowski

all lyrics by copernicus. all the vocals of copernicus created by copernicus

  1. i wont hurt you 

  2. blood 

  3. i know what i think 

  4. quasimodo 

  5. let me rest 

  6. nagasaki 

  7. atomic nevermore