1987 lp usa ??

    (2012, cd, usa, nevermore ncd 2087)

most of this album was recorded live on may 13, 1985 at studio c, rca studios in new york city, with the full band, except "from bacteria" which was recorded at the same studio in may of 1984."not him again!" and "victim of the sky" were recorded live at the daily planet in new york city on july 28, 1985 with only copernicus, matty fillou and marvin wright participating. these recordings were spontaneous and unrehearsed with only a few minor overdubs

recording by ron bacciocchi and jim crotty. mixed by michael theodore, andy heermans and copernicus.

remastered by scott hull at masterdisk, new york.

copernicus: vocals  
pierce turner: keyboards, musical director  
larry kirwan: guitar, keyboards, vocals  
tom hamlin: drums
matty fillou: saxophone
fred parcells: affected trombone
jimi zhivago: guitar, piano, organ
roseann price: back-up vocals  
steve menasche: synthesizer, marimba, percussion  
dave conrad: bass
fionnghula: flute
andi leahy: violin
j.c. rose: back-up vocals
tony de marco: violin
don "brownie" pinto: trumpet
marvin wright: drums  
jeffrey lado: flute, keyboards with effects
chris katris: guitar
steven kay: keyboards  
tom bowes: bass  
fred chalenor: bass
starz vanderlocket: percussion
nassan bakir: percussion
taite walkonen: flute, xylophone
adam price: acoustic guitar
frances xavier: guitar  
paddy higgins: hodhran, floor toms
mike fazio: guitar, synthesizer  

executive producer: joseph smalkowski

  1. oh god !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (0:52)

  2. son of a bitch from the north (6:24)

  3. chichen-itza elvis (7:58)

  4. disco days are over (7:15)

  5. hurl silence (2:05)

  6. once, once, once again (3:26)

  7. the death of joe apples (5:49)

  8. they own everything. (3:15)

  9. the u.s. does not exist. (1:02)

  10. atom by atom (3:42)

  11. come to it (7:51)