graham connah's sour note seven

because of wayne (5)

2001 cd usa evander music  em013
      part of a 3 cd-box

"disc 1"

live recording 1998 - 1999

  jewlia eisenberg : vocals
  ben goldberg: clarinet
  rob sudduth: sax
  marty wehner: trombone
  trevor dunn: bass
  smith dobson: drums
  graham connah: keyboards:vocals
  steve adams : sax
  chuck mackinnon : trumpet

produced by jeff cressman

  1. in the soaking shag (g.connah)

  2. blossom (g.connah)

  3. send in the maureens (g.connah)

  4. precipitous (g.connah)

  5. hollow deli (g.connah)

  6. watching paint dry (g.connah)