graham connah's sour note seven

gurney to the lincoln center of your mind (3)

1998 cd usa rastacan records brd 043

1997 studio recording

graham connah: keyboards
marty wehner: trombone
rob sudduth: sax
ben goldberg: clarinet
trevor dunn: bass
elliot kavee: drums
jewlia eisenberg: vocals

produced by jeff cressman

  1. trudge gelatinous (g.connah)

  2. ondine (g.connah)

  3. writhe (g.connah)

  4. nutcases unison (g.connah)

  5. belly on up to the barline (g.connah)

  6. tiddlywinks (g.connah)

  7. cretins and crumbs (g.connah)

  8. ham 'n' soda (g.connah)

  9. later much (g.connah)