condor gruppe

interplanetary travels

2018 lp+cd bel condor men records


recorded in antwerp in nov/dec 2015

   michiel van cleuvenbergen: guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
  matti willems: alto sax, percussion
  jan wygers: bass, backing vocals, percussion
  krist torfs: drums, percussion
  milan warmoeskerken: guitar, effects, pedalboard, percussion
  kris delacourt: guitar, keyboards, effects, backing vocals
  sofie palmers: piano, backing vocals
  dirk timmermans: trumpet, percussion, glockenspiel
  hanne de backer: baritone sax  1, 7, 8
  rozanne descheemaker: horns  1, 6, 8
  nicolas mortelmans: sitar  6, 8

all compositions by condor gruppe

  1. abyss
  2. pulse
  3. the wanderer
  4. house of kraut
  5. void
  6. the orbit of sun & moon
  7. saraba
  8. farewell to the last man on the moon