tom coerver

wood, wire, vibes... & slide
    - incl. 'zoot allures' (frank zappa)

2010 cd usa backwater curve


tom coerver: vocals, electric, acoustic, bass, dobro and slide guitars, piano, hammond organ, synthesizers, drums, percussion and gazillion stomp boxes
patty houk: backing vocals
debbie landry: backing vocals
dave long: harmonica

produced, recorded, engineered, and massaged into existence by tom coerver

  1. you're the star  (tom coerver)
  2. gotta get you by my side  (tom coerver)
  3. gimme back my bullets  (lynyrd skynyrd)
  4. chevrolet / chevrolet medley  (ed young, lonnie young, billy gibbons)
  5. gonna live with it  (tom coerver)
  6. backwoods bbq  (tom coerver)
  7. all down the line  (k.richards, m.jagger)
  8. i'll still be there  (tom coerver)
  9. midnight rider  (greg allman)
  10. preacher's passion  (tom coerver)
  11. waitin' for the bus  (gibbons, hill)
  12. shake your hips  (james moore, slim harpo)
  13. red & orange stratus  (jan hammer, billy cobham)
  14. zoot allures  (frank zappa)
  15. monkey hill  (warren haynes)
  16. timeshift  (tom coerver)