clark colborn

frank made me do it
- incl. 'my guitar wants to kill your mama' (frank zappa)

2014 cd usa radio alarm sr5305


"frank zappa provided musical and/or lyrical inspiration."

clark colborn: guitar, bass, keyboards, vocals
joel baer: drums
david goldyn: drums
adam colborn: trumpets
ethan colborn: glockenspiel
melissa ridgeway: vocals
the mustela choir: vocals
the pachyderm liberation vocal ensemble: vocals
gimpy the weasel: vocals

  1. gimpy the weasel  (colborn)
  2. elephant hoosegow  (colborn)
  3. the stalker song  (colborn)
  4. happy, happy man parts  (colborn)
  5. my guitar wants to kill your mama  (zappa)