chocolate watch band

this is my voice
    - incl. 'trouble everyday' (f.zappa)

2018 cd usa private release / dirty water records cwb1

also released on vinyl

david aguilar: vocals, harmonica, synths, guitars
tim abbott: vocals, guitars, synths, sitar, harmonica
gary andrijasevich: drums, vocals, percussion
alec palao: bass, acoustic guitar
derek see: guitars, vocals
daryl hooper: piano, organ  4, 10
alby cozzette: electric guitar  4,10

produced by tim abbott, david aguilar

  1. secret rendezvous
  2. judgement day
  3. this is my voice
  4. trouble everyday  (f.zappa)
  5. take a ride
  6. talk talk
  7. bed
  8. bombay pipeline
  9. desolation row
  10. can't seem to make you mine
  11. til' the daylight comes