eugene chadbourne

the divine
    - incl. 'lick my decals off'  (don van vliet), satellites are spinning  (sun ra)

2016 cdr usa private release

solo concert at the "apostisis festival" in st.petersburg, russia

eugene chadbourne: banjo, guitar, vocals


  1. the look of strumpf
  2. aleucha / salt peanuts
  3. old dog
  4. compared to what
  5. the shreeve
  6. dear lord
  7. monk's dream
  8. one more road tocross
  9. the way i am
  10. lick my decals off  (don van vliet)
  11. drive on
  12. happy new year
  13. if could only fly
  14. hurdy gurdy man
  15. satellites are spinning  (sun ra)
  16. ride my see saw
  17. no reason to quit
  18. runnin kind