central city music company

long play
    - incl 'i'm the slime' (frank zappa)

2010 cdr usa private release

recorded in idaho between 1995 and 2004, and between 2008 and 2010

written and performed by sam counsil with the following exceptions

lorie broumand: lead guitar 1, 2, 3, 10  guitars  5, 14, 15
daen ashantiva: bass  5,14,15
aaron nuttall: drums 5,14,15  lead voice  6
annie berical: bass, lead singing, ukulele  7
ed gutierrez: lead singing  13
ed fritz: bass  13

produced by sam counsil

  1. a summer in a dumpster  (sam counsil)
  2. try a taste of outer space / try to try  (sam counsil)
  3. when we all grow up  (sam counsil)
  4. he rocked this world (in a major way)  (sam counsil)
  5. airwaves, airwaves  (rob isozaki, ed gutierrez)
  6. i'm the slime  (frank zappa)
  7. keep off the grass  (shed people version)  (annie berical)
  8. that ain't bad  (simon day)
  9. totally cool  (sam counsil)
  10. the witch and the wizzard  (sam counsil)
  11. death in a dungon  (sam counsil)
  12. up goes the astronaut (the greatest way to play outer space)  (sam counsil)
  13. yeah, boy  (ed gutierrez, sam counsil)
  14. fresh garbage  (jay ferguson)
  15. beautiful paradox (groven version)  (sam counsil)
  16. oregon peas  (sam counsil)