captain beefheart and the magic band

live at bickershaw festival

2007 cd uk ozitcd 9006

1972/07/05 concert "bickershaw festivial", uk

the source of this album is an audience recording tape

captain beefheart / don van vliet: vocals, sax, harmonica
rockette morton (mark boston): bass guitar, guitar
oréjon - audi hon (
roy estrada): bass guitar
zoot horn rollo (
bill harkleroad): guitar, slide guitar
winged eel fingerling (elliot ingber): guitar, slide guitar
ed marimba (
art tripp): drums, percussion

all compositions by don van vliet

  1. rockette morton's bass solo

  2. mascara snake

  3. when it blows its stacks

  4. click clack

  5. grow fins

  6. hobo chang ba (instrumental)

  7. i'm gonna booglarise you baby

  8. old black snake

  9. peon

  10. abba zabba

  11. alice in blunderland

  12. my human gets me blues

  13. steal softly thru snow (instrumental)

  14. golden birdies

  15. spitball scalped a baby