capillary action

so embarrassing

2009 cd-promo ger discorporate records disrec-009

originally released on natural selection records in 2008

jonathan pfeffer: guitar, vocals
ricardo lagomasino: drums
spencer russell: upright and electric basses
kevin mchugh: keyboards
johnny butler: saxophone
matthew nelson: saxophone
ryan snow: trombone
andy hunter: trombone
jeffrey young: violin
jessica pavone: viola
caleigh drane: cello
zachary crystal: percussion

  1. gambit - radio promo

  2. pocket protection is essential

  3. elevator fuck - radio promo

  4. placebo or panacea

  5. bloody nose

  6. badlands

  7. paperweights

  8. father of mine

  9. the chaperone

  10. sexy koala

  11. self-released