caballero reynaldo & the grand kazoo

antologia vol. 1 (1995-2020)
    - incl. 'love of my life', 'i have been in you' (f.zappa), 'muffin man in new york' (sting / zappa)

2020 cd spain hall of fame records hof-160-dep

limited edition of 50 copies

also released on bandcamp



  1. starless
  2. i've seen all good people
  3. si ya no te gusto
  4. love of my life  (frank zappa)
  5. save your kisses for me
  6. little red corvette
  7. muffin man in new york  (sting / zappa)
  8. cromos
  9. something stupid
  10. what goes on
  11. mr. sandman
  12. if you leave me now
  13. crazy little thing called love
  14. i'll never fall in love again
  15. moonchild
  16. mother nature's son
  17. i have been in you  (frank zappa)
  18. i talk to the wind
  19. i whish i could fall in love today
  20. owner of a lonely heart