beppe crovella

what's rattlin' on the moon?
    – a tribute to the music of mike ratledge

2010 cd usa moonjune mjr030

a personal vision of the music of mike ratledge

beppe crovella: mellotron, wurlitzer e200, electric piano, fender rhodes stage 73 electric piano, hammond organ m102, hohner electric piano, hohner clavinet d6, rösler grand piano, farfisa professional

produced by beppe crovella


rattlin' all the time

  1. tarabos

  2. chloe and the pirates

  3. all white

  4. the man who waved at trains

  5. as if

  6. hibou, anemone and bear

  7. out-bloody-rageous

  8. pig

  9. esther's nose job

  10. slightly all the time

...before the moon

  1. leonardo's e-mail

  2. moonvision

  3. many moons, many junes

...after the moon

  1. lunar impression

  2. circular lines in the air

  3. moon geezers (to elton & hugh)