the blimp

i need to go to a hospital
    - incl. 'the blimp' (don van vliet), 'lord have mercy' (frank zappa)

2014 2lp usa hair records hr01


miranda soileau: piano, vocals, cornet
lucas gunn: lead guitar and vocal, theremin
mikhail swanson: guitar, trumpet
erik 'slim' vessey: drums, djembe
hart gledhill: vocals

produced by toplady (hair productions)

all compositions by lucas gunn except where noted

side one

  1. oh no body fishno
  2. and when...
  3. rrow
  4. (i was) drinking in a trash can
  5. you know what i mean  (justin heathcliff)

side two

  1. all my home is all my  heart
  2. cat dog blues  (peter aaron, lucas gunn)
  3. i don't know why i love you like i don't
  4. dead land

side three

  1. the blimp  (don van vliet)
  2. being with the birds
  3. be in my nightmare after dawn
  4. won't you be the one for eye?
  5. you should'nt try to barrow other people's skin

side four

  1. lord have mercy  (frank zappa)
  2. bed by 8
  3. i am outta life
  4. toothbrush and clothes and hair (I)