napoleon murphy brock

this is what frank zappa heard

2011 cd usa private release

recorded in concert in 1973, live at the red noodle, waikiki, hawaii

napoleon murphy brock: tenor sax, lead flute, keyboards, lead vocals
joe 'lucas' sanchez: lead guitar
art 'maceo / coltrane' chavez: alto sax, lead keyboards, third lead and background vocals
john 'johnny smoke' mc dermott: drums, second lead vocal and background vocals
larry 'grover' jones: bass, third background vocals

all arrangements by joe 'lucas' sanchez and napoleon murphy brock

produced by susann radloff brady

  1. introduction (napoleon murphy brock) / follow the rainbow (george duke)

  2. make it funky (james brown)

  3. where is the love (ralph mcdonald / william salter)

  4. you got me hummin' (isaac hayes / david porter)

  5. so far away (carole king)

  6. shaft (isaac hayes)

  7. lime in the coconut (neilson)

  8. people make the world go round (rhom bell / linda creed)

  9. respect yourself (luther ingram / marc rice)

  10. scorpio (dennis coffey)

  11. maiden voyage (herbie hancock)

  12. outro