lenny bruce

originals vol.1
    = interviews of our times, the sick humour of lenny bruce, lenny bruce - american (part 2)

1991 cd usa fantasy fcd-60023

recorded in san francisco 1958

lenny bruce: dialogue

  1. the interview
  2. djinni in the candy store
  3. enchanting transylvania
  4. interview with dr.sholem stein
  5. the march of high fidelity
  6. maria ouspenskaya interview
  7. father flotski's triumph (unexpurgated)
  8. all broadway musicals sound the same, especially the baritones
  9. shorty petterstein interview
  10. non skeddo flies again
  11. the kid in the well
  12. adolph hitler and the m.cMa.
  13. ike, sherm, and nick
  14. psychopathia sexualis
  15. religions, inc.
  16. three message movies (a.narcotics  b.truth  c.tolerance)