jeff beck

shapes of things
    - sampler, incl.tracks from the gto's album

2003 cd uk castle music cmqcd 702


  1. screaming lord sutch & the savages: dracula's daughter
  2. screaming lord sutch & the savages: come back baby
  3. the fritz & startz: i'm not running away
  4. the fritz & startz: so sweet
  5. the nightshift: that's my story
  6. the nightshift: stormy monday blues
  7. the yardbirds: heart full of soul
  8. the yardbirds: evil hearted you
  9. the yardbirds: still i'm sad
  10. the yardbirds: shapes of things
  11. the yardbirds: train kept a'rollin'
  12. the yardbirds: jeff's blues
  13. jeff beck & jimmy page: steelin'
  14. jeff beck & jimmy page: chuckles
  15. john's children: but she's mine
  16. paul jones: and the sun will shine
  17. paul jones: the dog presides
  18. jeff beck: hi ho silver lining
  19. jeff beck: beck's bolero
  20. jeff beck: rock my plimsoul
  21. the smoke: utterly simple
  22. donovan with the jeff beck group: barabajagal (love is hot)
  23. donovan with the jeff beck group: bed with me (trudi)
  24. the gto's: the eureka springs garbage lady
  25. the gto's: the captain's fat theresa shoes
  26. the gto's: the ghost chained to the past, present, and future