jack bruce

somethin' els
- feat. bruce & walt fowler

1993 cd usa ??

jack bruce: bass, cello, drums, keyboards, organ, percussion, piano, producer, vocals
eric clapton: guitar
dave "clem" clempson: guitar
gerd dudek: tenor sax
stuart elliott: drums
anton fier: drums
bruce fowler: trombone
walt fowler: trumpet
ray gomez: guitar
trilok gurtu: conga, drums, percussion
dick heckstall-smith: soprano and tenor sax
uli p. lask: alto sax
david liebman: soprano sax
mark nauseef: percussion
maggie reilly: vocals
peter weihe: guitar


  1. waiting on a word

  2. willpower

  3. ships in the night

  4. peaces of the east

  5. close enough for love

  6. g.b. dawn blues

  7. criminality

  8. childsong

  9. fm