eric burdon

frontman of the Animals, eric burdon, used to perform some of the tracks that frank zappa had produced for their "animalism" album live.


  animals: animalism (5)
(1966, lp, us, mgm se 4414) - arrangements  by frank zappa

eric burdon & the animals: winds of change
    (1967, lp, usa, ??) - mentions frank zappa in 'winds of change'

  eric burdon & the animals: mgm celebrity scene boxed set
    (196?, 5 x 7"-dj box, usa, mgm k13791-5)
- includes tracks arranged by frank zappa
  eric burdon & the animals: london, marquee club august 8, 1967
    (??, cd-bootleg, ??, bulldog records) - incl. tracks arranged by frank zappa
  eric burdon & the animals: winds of change
    (2003, cd, uk, repertoire records repuk 1003) - re-release of the 1967 album


random notes

2008 03 

info by Nikolai Zaharov
/ Russia


"Winds of Change" is an album released in 1967 by Eric Burdon & The Animals.

The original band, The Animals, broke up in 1966 and this band was entirely new, except for lead singer Eric Burdon and recently-added drummer Barry Jenkins. With the new band, including guitarist Vic Briggs and electric violinist John Weider, Burdon began to transition from the gritty blues sound of the original mid-1960s group and moved into the pyschedelic era of music.

Winds Of Change starts with Eric singing deeply over a slow Indian beat. As the winds sigh in the background, Eric introduces his heroes: Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Frank Zappa+

It's a litany of blues and rock'n'roll pioneers, the people who had most inspired and influenced the young composer.


  1. Winds Of Change

  2. Poem By The Sea

  3. Paint It Black

  4. The Black Plague

  5. Yes I'm Experienced

  6. San Franciscan Nights

  7. Man - Woman

  8. Hotel Hell

  9. Good Times

  10. Anything

  11. Its' All Meat

Bonus tracks:

  1. Good Times (mono single version)

  2. Ain't That So

  3. San Franciscan Nights (mono single version)

  4. Gratefully Dead

produced by Tom Wilson

ERIC BURDON & THE ANIMALS lyrics of Winds Of Change 

There are winds of changes blowing
Gathering leaves up in its path
And the people who are the leaves
Will remain in our hearts
With love, till eternity

King Elmore was born,
So was Duke Ellington
Jelly Roll made love
Bessie Smith was created in heaven above
Robert Johnson sang the blues
Shick Webb did those things that only he could do
Charlie Christian started a new thing
And, oh my, how Billie Holiday could sing
Alan Freed rock and rolled,
Joe Turner's voice was very low
B.B. King wailed
Charlie Parker cried
Louis Jordan smiled
Ray Charles moaned,
Chuck Berry rock and rolled
Fats Domino made me feel good
Elvis Presley did things that no one thought he could

Then came the Beatles, Rolling Stones
Whole new thing was going on.
Frank Zappa zapped
Mamas and Papas knew where it was at
They all listened to Ravi Shankar .
Now that we got Jimi Hendrix
We know where we are (and Louis Jordan smiled )
And the winds of change go on blowing, blowing,
Gathering more and more leaves in its path,
As time goes past

Winds of change keep on blowing,
Winds of change keep on blowing,
Bob Dylan sang about the winds of change
Blowing, it's all blowing, the winds of change.

Best regards!

Nikolai Zaharov / Russia





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