dale bozzio
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* 1955/03/02

     from: unknown
dale and terry split up at the same time as missing persons, which was in 1986, as did terry and dale's marriage. terry is remarried.

      from: unknown
dale bozzio--had a solo album under the name "dale" called "riot in english" in 1988--sort of a janet jackson/karyn white/robert smith/samantha fox/prince sounding thing.

      from: unknown
she is remarried and has two kids. according to her manager, she is still involved in the music business, although i haven't heard anything about it specifically. in 1991 she toured as "missing persons" and did missing persons songs with a hired band.

     from: unknown
she appeared at zappa's universe which was for frank's 50th birthday--eleven months late--it was held in nov. 1991. she sang "fembot in a wet t-shirt" and did the mary speech from "packard goose, "modifying it slightly to say "music...and frank zappa...are the best."

     from: unknown
i saw dale/the new missing persons in dec. of `94 in cincinnati, oh. she did all the classics, words, u.s. dregs destination unknown, etc. she went on to have her band play, since it was approximately a year  after frank's death, watermelon in easter hay. it was decent, but i think the guitarist missed a few licks. she said that she would be coming out with a new album with her new band under a different name sometime this year. also in the zappa's universe show she neglected a line from the `music is the best' speech.

      brian busch sez:
dale bozzio and her "missing persons" band played austin texas last night.  "a flock of seagulls" provided the opening act. a really cool show.(may 1996)

     kevin raub(groupone@ix.netcom.com) sez:
i am a very close dear friend of dale's. need any info....write me, i'll be happy to assist. i know all!     groupone@ix.netcom.com

      brockman(babbe@u.washington.edu) sez:
i saw missing persons w/ dale bozzio on jan 14, 1995.  keep in mind that she was singing with a hired band.  the concert took place in a bar in ballard (seattle). dale loolked great, her hair was completely cut off, sort  of that susan powter look.   i saw her again at the same place on may 3, 1996.  she looked even better.  i could tell she had super long hair extensions weaved into her hair.  but it was that spring session m look with the pink streak and all.  her band was all different and sucked more than the one she'd played with last time i saw her.  she said that she would be having a new album come out with in a year(i've heard her say that before)  and that warren cuccurullo would have and album of his own out and be her opening act next time she toured.  for those who don't know, warren cuccurullo was an original member of missing persons and has been with duran duran since about 1990.    

      from: natesot@aol.com
ok, so what is this all about! dale is doing shows!!!!!!!!! i grew up the biggest fan and still am. i live in boston and ive met her a few times at local clubs she is great. but what is this about live shows and none in boston her home city whats up with that, dose anyone know of any plans for them to play boston. hey ill stup you do any of you remember or know what the origional new missing persons was, they were going to do a totaly diferent thing but it seems they decided to pump up the old stuff, well anyway they were going to be called "start a new religion", dont believe me, well i got that from the woman herself about two years ago when i spoted her hanging at a local club. come home boston needs you dale!!!!!!!

      from: marc duggan (marc@dugganm.freeserve.co.uk) - date: fri, 11 jun 1999
dale is or is soon to be recording again, a composition by richard orange. (zui der zee, richard orange and the eggmen)