b'wana dik

    - lots of frank zappa material

2002 nl cd private release 0493

recorded and produced at studio metsu

maikel hendrikx: vocals
janna de munnik: violin and vocals
nico v.d. burgt: guitar
ike naar: bassguitar
ruud tiersma: drums
andré stijnen: sax
able groenewolt: violin and trombone
osama meleegi: percussion
chriss roberts: keys
donnie duvall: background vocals
geert tiersma: vocals and lead guitar

all compositions by frank zappa (arranged by geert tiersma)

recorded, mixed and produced by donnie duvall and geert tiersma

  1. zappologies
  2. she painted up her face
  3. inca roads
  4. burgers
  5. spies
  6. lucille
  7. carolina hardcore ecxtasy
  8. mystery roach
  9. yo mama