b'wana dik and the excentrifugal forz

music from the other side of the fence
    - lots of frank zappa material

2003 nl cdr private release

recorded live at café cobbus

geert tiersma: lead guitar & vocals
ruud tiersma: drums
ike naar: bass & vocals
nico v/d burgt: rhythm guitar
janna de munnik: violin & vocals
andré stijnen: sax & percussion:
steve carter: percussion & mouth organ
donnie duvall: narration

produced by b'wana dik & jurgen winkel

all compositions by frank zappa, except where noted

  1. my guitar wants to kill your mama / bad acting (g.tiersma)
  2. son of orange county
  3. balloon in tornado (donnie duvall, frank zappa)
  4. the dangerous kitchen
  5. treacherous cretins
  6. here lies love (martin, dobard)
  7. plastic people / asturias (albeniz)
  8. black napkins
  9. any downers
  10. trouble every day
  11. outside now